AirPort Routers will no longer be available, says Apple

Apple, the biggest American multinational technology company has announced that it is permanently discontinuing its AirPort routers. This means you can no longer use AirPort, AirPort Extreme, and Time Capsule routers provided by the company. However, Apple will keep on providing the security patches and support for bug fixes for the devices that are already in use. The company will also sell off all of its remaining AirPort hardware that has already been manufactured.



The company is planning to get out of the router business for a long time. In November 2016, it had even separated the hardware division that was in charge for its routers, which was last updated for 802.11ac Wi-Fi in the year 2013. After that update, the company was gradually taking back the AirPort offerings.

Since then the company is increasing the popularity of mesh Wi-Fi systems such as Eero, Google Wi-Fi along with the Linksys Velop, which are easily available in the Apple stores.  According to the company may revoke its decision in the future by returning to the same space and providing its AirPort routers again.

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