European Union Data Privacy Law introduces new GDPR Compliance policy

After the release of European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law, Microsoft Office users can access the information related to the new policy via Users who need to ensure the protection of organizational data integration can visit Microsoft365 compliance center for assistance.

GDPR compliance help organizations to secure business data stored in Office365 using its cloud features. It is an expensive and time-consuming procedure to comply with GDPR laws as well as difficult to afford by middle and lower class individuals. Everyone is trying to reduce the compliance cost.

GDPR Compliance policy

Microsoft will help organizations to assess GDPR compliance to find out the discrepancies of GDPR compliance with your company. It also helps you to determine the next step to ensure firm compliance with GDPR laws.

Here are some tips to ensure that your Office365 application fully complies with it.

Some tips for GDPR compliance in Office365

  1. To check GDPR compliance with the help of Microsoft’s assessment– Microsoft is offering a free GDPR assessment to check whether your organization complies with the law or not. Microsoft also provides an eBook on how to accelerate your compliance to the GDPR.
    1. This is how Microsoft helps you to approach GDPR compliance.
  2. Check your Data Center’s Location- To discover where your client information is stored in Office 365, Microsoft has made a “Where is my data” map.
  3. Create Data Loss Prevention policies to monitor personal data- By employing Data Loss Prevention policies, you can protect and manage all the sensible data such as names, addresses, bank details, contact no, etc.
  4. Monitor for leaks of personal data- Office 365 Data Loss Prevention Report provides you with deepest level of information for monitoring sensitive data. You can setup automated alerts and investigate breaches by using the Office 365 audit log. Cloud App Security extends the ability to find and monitor sensitive data providers.
  5. Supervise employees communications with advanced data governance- Office365 Advanced Data Governance comes with a Supervision feature that gives officers to comply with rules and regulations in a formal way.

 The new GDPR policy might be costly far organizational integration of GDPR compliance. However, if you follow the guidelines precisely, you might be able to procure maximum benefits of data privacy laws. In case, you find it difficult to understand the procedure, you can ask for support to Microsoft Customer Support while purchasing your office setup.

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