Google plans to buy Nokia’s Airborne Broadband System

As per the recent reports, Google is in the plan to get Nokia Oyj’s airplane broadband business as the Alphabet Inc. unit that aims to offer new services and reach out to more customers by offering in-flight high-speed internet. Talks, meetings are in progress and may land upon an agreement, shortly.

As per the spokesperson, who chooses not to reveal their name as the considerations or planning are private, they said that Nokia’s technology can help Google by offering a faster alternative to the existing Wi-Fi on airplanes. In the meantime, Nokia technology is working on 5G telecom stuff and put the project of developing in-flight internet technology in the lesser priority list.

Alphabet and Nokia’s representatives refuse to comment on any topic related to this. From the sources, it’s been gathered that the final decision is on the waiting list and the companies can still decide on the deal.

According to Nokia’s website, Nokia’s LTE A2G is in an actual cellular-based system that creates a direct link between an aircraft and the ground. Nor rebounding the satellite signal off, that enables in-cabin high-speed internet services using Wi-Fi.

Google’s communications group, on the other hand, is searching ways to spread mobile connectivity as the strong internet services is pivotal to its search engine-YouTube video services and the ads, generate company’s 90 percent revenue. This business was a part of a long-term attempt to share the wireless spectrum in all new ways and supervising the existing offerings like the Google Voice calling service, Project Fi wireless business, and a Wi-Fi network in Starbucks coffee shops.

Onboard travelers since years have been always suffering the onboard internet- irregular service and weak bandwidth. Still, the travelers often go for paying amply for any connectivity they get on the flights. Here is the point of services and the chances where Google can expand its business opportunity.

This step can create a wealthy new challenger to Gogo Inc., who is the current in-flight internet service provider. Gogo has fallen down from the scale of more than 4 percent, after the news of Nokia- Google talks got circulated.

On 10th April 2018 trading, Gogo, a Chicago-based company that has aroused almost 5.6 percent in New York, before getting fall with 2 percent to $8.86, which sums up the company market value of $769 million.

Alphabet rose up 1.6 percent which is compared with 2.5 percent for the S&P 500 Information Technology Sector GICS level 1 index. On the other hand Nokia’s American depository receipts rise with 2 percent.


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