March 2, 2019

Office com setup – Office setup product key –

Microsoft Office setup is a productivity suite developed for various purposes. Whether you want to make a college presentation or an official data sheet, MS Office setup gives separate applications for different uses. Because now people have easy access to the internet, therefore Microsoft came up with the idea of an online MS Office package. This approach has converted a huge number of desktop users to work on its online platform.

Despite all the products and services, you need to have an Office setup product key. When you buy an MS Office com setup plan, you get a unique combination of 25-digit characters. This is required when your free trial expires. Moreover, activating the software with the product key gives you access to a licensed version. If you have decided to buy a plan then proceed with the information below.

How to buy Office setup product key?

  1. Go to the official MS Office website –
  2. Sign in/ Sign up to access its home page
  3. Click ‘Products’ and if you do not find the option, try visiting Microsoft page
  4. From the drop-down of ‘Products’
  5. Select a plan you want to buy
  • Before you finalize a product, make sure to check the products and services it includes
  1. Click ’Buy now’
  2. Type in the requested details
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the payment

You will receive a confirmation on your email account. Open the account on a new tab and note down the product key. You will need to install Office setup with product key once your free version expires. Now, you can proceed to activate the software whether you want to work online or on the desktop version.

Where to locate the MS Office product key? – Office com setup

  1. Open an updated web browser and visit
  2. Click ‘Sign in’ and enter your login details associated with Office com setup
  3. Enter your country and region
  4. Got to your account and on the home page of your account, you will have the option to download the office com setup suite on your computer
  5. Click on the Download button to get the active version of the software
  6. Double-click the .exe file and complete the installation

Download Office setup from a CD/ DVD

  1. Insert the disk in the disk space
  2. Let the PC load the CD/ DVD and it will show you options to take actions
  3. If the pop-up opens, click Run
  4. In case you do not see any pop-up, open Windows Explorer
  5. Run Office setup option by clicking right on the new-driver
  6. As the installation starts, enter the Office setup product key in the respective field
  7. Follow the on-screen prompts and allow the system to complete auto-installation

If you have a pre-installed Office com setup on your computer, make sure it is a licensed one. To determine whether the suite is active or outdated, follow the steps and know how to activate it.

How to Check if Office setup is deactivated and renew it?

  1. Open an MS Office application, say Office Word
  2. On the main interface of the program, if you see a ‘Reactivate’ option, that means the software is outdated
  3. Click on the reactivate button
  1. Enter the key, if you have renewed the subscription or else renew you plan or you can also buy a new one
  2. Submit the key and complete activation

If you want to upgrade to a newer version of Office setup, uninstall the older version and then proceed. If you do not remove the previous software, it will cause software conflicts.

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