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Microsoft has perfected the Office Setup OneNote suite with an array of enhanced features and applications, making it easier to access the platform via Applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Publisher have become steeples in the lives of business professionals, private players, corporate employees and students all across the planet.

office setup OneNote

Gradually, Microsoft has managed to slip newer applications through the platform and it took no time for them to become popular among the users. These applications include Groove, InfoPath, OneNote and many more. Of all these latest inductions, OneNote has survived the farthest and managed to stand out as one of the most downloaded and cherished applications among users. However, many still wonder what this new application is all about.

You can download the Office Setup OneNote application by visiting

Decoding Microsoft Office setup OneNote 9 apps 

MS Office OneNote9 is a computer application fabricated by Microsoft and portrayed as a tool for free-form information gathering and multi-user collaboration. It allows the user to collect all their notes, drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries from various sources at one place.

It is widely rumored as a tool to copy things from the Internet, but that is just scratching the surface. OneNote allows users to replicate handwritten text, screen clippings, and images into this application. Once you add the content into OneNote, it automatically saves the content.

Who uses the OneNote?

The application hasn’t acquired a notable position among households and professionals. However, many employees and students have high-hopes to see a better future for this application due to its significant contributions in performing daily tasks. This rising popularity of this application is evident for a bright future.

  • People who travel and attend business meetings can lay out their trip details thanks to multiple tabs feature.
  • It also helps writers to distribute content into chapters and columns as per their requirements for a novel or anything else.
  • Even chefs would find it an amazing program to keep their recipes organized with OneNote.
  • Teachers and students can schedule classes, make notes, organize lessons, and many more.
  • Home workers can schedule their daily activities and keep notes of what’s urgent and what could be averted. So they can spend some time with friend and family.

Discover the latest features of OneNote

  • Organize your write-ups, schedule your meetings and rearrange other stuff
  • Tag and Search
  • Set your privacy settings
  • Side Note
  • Ideas for Use
  • Other features

How to download MS Office OneNote apps?

You can visit the website link and select Office setup for OneNote application to download and activate OneNote on your device.    

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