August 3, 2018

Office setup and enter 25 character –

Office Setup Microsoft Office suite is an essential component for every user whether a student, remote worker, or an entrepreneur. It not only gives you an extended collection of utilities but also gives security characteristics that empower users to keep the record of data on the cloud storage. The services achieve all the business, educational and personal work necessities.

Before you invest in any product, make sure your device shares the correct compatibility with the setup. You can also know the requirements by creating an account on When you go to the product section, explore the details of each product to know the specifications. Here are some basic needs you must have.

System requirements for MS Office Setup

  • Prior to the purchase of an Office setup product, check the RAM requirement.
  • Remove the older version from your computer eliminate chances of software conflicts and device performance.
  • If you are restricted to visit, remove all browser extensions
  • Install the most recent version of the web browser

Users who meet these requirements are entitled to download and install MS office on their computers. Described below are the steps to download Office product on your Windows-based system.

Steps to Download Office setup

  1. On a web browser, past in the search filed
  2. When directed to the main page, Login to your Office account
  • If you are not an existing user, create an account to carry on the next step
  1. Enter your Office product key in its respective field
  2. Your subscribed product will appear
  3. Click to download it

As the download completes, continue to install the software on your computer.

Steps to installation of Office setup

  1. Open the file to install Office com setup
  2. Enter the required information
  3. Type in 25-digit product key in the field
  4. Follow the prompts for installation

Let the software install by making sure you do not close the installation window or shutting down the system, this may cause MS Office installation errors. Restart you computer once the software gets installed. Uses with active subscription may not need to activate it. However, if you are among the users who do not have activate product need to follow these steps.

Activation steps for  Office Setup

  1. Launch a random Office Suite application
  2. Click the File icon at the top-left corner
  3. Select Account and click Activate Product option
  4. In the Office Activation Wizard, choose the method of activation and click OK
  5. Follow the prompts and provide the product key when required

Your Office product is now activated. In case you failed to complete the process, make sure the internet connection is stable. In case the connection is poor, it may cause errors or activation failure. To avoid any error, execute the procedure manually.

Possibly, the steps may differ slightly depending on the operating system, web browser, and the version. Keep the browser activated and if you are encountering trouble while performing any of the steps, remove extensions, they may block pages from accessing. Other than this, a user may encounter issues like:

Issues while installing MS office Setup:

  • Abrupt shutting down of computer
  • Internet issues
  • Browser extensions causing the blockage while installing Office suite
  • The Device does not have enough space
  • Operating system is crashing down
  • Software conflicts- another versions of Office suite is available

Other problems may also occur and could be more complex to fix. It is recommended to seek help from certified office setup customer support to get a user-friendly assistance to receive the solution.