Will Self-drive cars solve the major concern of road-accidents?

With every technological advancements, it is hard to believe where we have come today. From self-start bikes to self-driven cars, the journey was considerably shorter. Yet, with every step reaching forth, arises countless questions, whether the self-drive cars will be a success or failure. Whatever may the conscience be, the suppositions have already explained most of the doubts. One of the major qualms about self-drive cars is whether they will be safe on road, and if yes, then how?

Self-drive cars

Because of the Artificial Intelligence, human work or involvement has reduced in most tasks, and the same has been used in Self-drive cars. Although the accuracy of AI has been quite satisfying, it is still difficult to predict would it work 100% accurately with cars or not.

On the other hand, considering the experiments performed on self-driven cars, the programming has been done cautiously. Yet, there may be situations where operation for taking high-speed actions will need extra work, applicably on the AI.

Can we experience safer car driving with automation?

For AI is not as intelligent as human brains yet, there will be a possibilities of errors, which may lead to blunders.

Nevertheless, while comparing autonomous cars with human-driven cars, self-drivers are much safer as per performed experiments. Self-driven cars do not have to face factors like driver tiredness or illness. The work to improve its functionalities is still undergoing and researchers say ‘they need to create more versatile and responsive control system’.

The developers are approaching to createalgorithms that can beat the best racer-car driver.

How safe are self-driven cars?

You always need to stay connected to let the AI or the vehicle’s sensor work. Now, the connectivity becomes a problem in uncertain weather conditions. There could by heavy rainfall that can disconnect a vehicle’s sensor cause critical accidents.

In poor climatic conditions, you may not completely rely on the automation or connectivity of AI cars. Since the working of a self-driven car is completely based on IoT sensors, connectivity, and software algorithms, even if the algorithms are made error-free, network condition could always remain unreliable. Such cases pull the rating of self-driven cars down.

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